New Orleans based guitarist Scott Myers, leader of Chegadão, Scott Myers' Organica and Os Batutas.

Upcoming gigs: 

May 5th, 5:30pm Chegadão at Santa Fe Restaurant.

May 10th, 7:30pm, Organica at Pearl Wine.

May 11th, 6:30pm, Brent Rose and Cindy Scott at Santa Fe Restaurant

May 17th, Chegadão at the Little Gem Saloon, 11pm.

Scott Myers' Organica

May 10th, Pearl Wine, 7:30pm

My organ trio project, a mixture of soul-jazz and boogaloo organ based music, Brazilian samba and forró and my original tunes.  Featuring an wide mix of musicians including Rik Fletcher and Will Thompson on organ, and drummers including Peter Varnado, Nick Solnick, Wayne Maureau and Gabriel Velasco.

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Next gig: May 17th, 11pm at the Little Gem Saloon.

Conceived by Marcio Pereira and Scott Myers in 2008,  Chegadão blurs the boundaries of genre and nationality, while introducing American music fans to some of the rhythms and sounds of Brazil.     Along with original music, you'll hear forró from artists like Luiz Gonzaga and Gilberto Gil, as well as samba, maractú, all with a splash of New Orleans funk.   Current and past members of the band include Scott Myers, Eduardo Tozzatto, Brent Rose, Tedo Oliviera, Tommy Sciple, Marcio Pereira and Nick Solnick.   


Os Batutas

 Os Batutas is a term I use loosely to refer to the great musicians who have helped me record my original music and whom regularly appear on my gigs.  Amongst them are Brent Rose, Tommy Sciple, Nick Solnick, Peter Varnado, Sam Albright, Eric Lucero, Sasha Masakowski, Gabriel Velasco and many more.