Conceived by Marcio Pereira and Scott Myers in 2008,  Chegadão blurs the boundaries of genre and nationality, while introducing American music fans to some of the rhythms and sounds of Brazil.     Along with original music, you'll hear forró from artists like Luiz Gonzaga and Gilberto Gil, as well as samba, maractú, all with a splash of New Orleans funk.   Current and past members of the band include Scott Myers, Eduardo Tozzatto, Brent Rose, Tedo Oliviera, Tommy Sciple, Marcio Pereira and Nick Solnick. 

Upcoming gigs!

August 14th, 8:30pm.  Chickie Wah Wah at 2828 Canal St.

September 5th, 10pm-12am at the Maison, 508 Frenchmen St.